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Remote Control Unit

Remote Control Unit

The Remote Control unit is used to connect the Fusesaver pole mounted circuit breaker or CMR Compact Modular Recloser into a utility SCADA system. The Remote Control Unit is a pole mounted enclosure containing a microprocessor, a short range (approximately 20 m) radio used to communicate with the switchgear and a long range radio (or modem). The long range radio (or modem) is not supplied or fitted by Siemens unless specifically agreed to in the sale contract.

Successful application and operation of this equipment depends as much upon proper installation and maintenance by the user as it does upon the proper design and fabrication by Siemens.

Format and aim of the operating instructions

Add the Siemens Remote Control Unit (RCU) and interface Fusesaver with a SCADA system to provide remote access to Fusesavers throughout your rural network. Mounted beneath the Fusesaver, the RCU uses short-range
radio to communicate with Fusesaver, and long-range backhaul radio or modem to remotely monitor and control
Fusesavers via the utility SCADA system to:

The Remote Control Unit (RCU) is used to connect the Fusesaver (FSR) pole mounted circuit breaker or Compact Modular Recloser (CMR) into a utility’s SCADA system. The RCU is a pole-mounted enclosure containing a microprocessor, a short-range (approximately 20 m) radio used to communicate with the switchgear and a long-range radio (or modem). The long-range radio (or modem) is not supplied or fitted by Siemens unless specifically agreed to in the sale contract. The purpose of the RCU is to provide SCADA system access to monitor and control Siemens switchgear installed on distribution power lines. The RCU maintains an internal database which holds information on the switchgear being monitored and on the RCU itself. It is this data that is available over the SCADA system. The SCADA system accesses the RCU internal database with a SCADA protocol (such as DNP3) via a long-range radio or modem. Different SCADA protocols have different capabilities and methodologies. Typically, to update the firmware/configuration of the RCU and/or switchgear, the user needs to attend site to work directly with the equipment over the short-range (ANT) radio. Remote Engineering Access (REA) offers an alternative to travelling to site to make configuration changes and download events. REA allows a TCP/IP network connection from the Siemens PC Tools to the RCU, and through to the switchgear. REA enables the full functionality of the Siemens PC Tools as if the user is on site.  

This user guide provides information on how to configure Remote Engineering Access for
use with the Siemens portfolio of Overhead Medium Voltage Systems products, PC Tools
and cloud services including:

  •  Remote Control Unit (RCU)
  •  Fusesaver (FSR)
  •  Compact Modular Recloser (CMR)
  • RCU Connect
  •  Siemens Connect
  •  CMR Connect
  •  RCU Probe
  • Siemens Outdoor Systems Data Management Cloud (SOS-DMC)

Thoroughly read this manual before using Siemens Remote Engineering Access.

The information contained herein is general in nature and not intended for specific
application purposes. It does not relieve the user of responsibility to use sound practices in
application, installation, operation, and maintenance of the equipment, services or tools
Qualified person
For the purpose of this user guide, a qualified person is one who is familiar with the
installation, construction or operation of the equipment and the hazards involved. In
addition, this person has the following qualifications:

  • Is thoroughly familiar with this user guide.
  •  Is trained and authorised to switch, de-energize, clear, ground, and tag circuits and
    equipment in accordance with established safety procedures.
  • Is trained in techniques to distinguish exposed energized parts from other parts of
    electric equipment and to determine the nominal voltage of exposed live parts.
  •  Is trained in the proper techniques to determine approach distances specified in the
    applicable local standards.
  •  Is trained in the decision-making process necessary to determine the degree and
    extent of the hazard and the personal protective equipment and job planning
    necessary to perform the task safely.
  •  Is trained in the proper care and use of protective equipment, such as: rubber gloves,
    hard hat, safety glasses or face shields, flash clothing, etc., in accordance with
    established safety practices.
  •  Is trained in rendering first aid.

Maintenance should be performed only by qualified personnel. The use of unauthorized
parts in the repair of the equipment or tampering by unqualified personnel will result in
dangerous conditions which will cause death, severe injury, or equipment damage. Follow
all safety instructions contained herein.

This version of the Remote Engineering Access user guide is compatible with the following hardware, firmware and software versions:

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