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Compact Modular Recloser

Compact Modular Recloser

Voltage ratings ranging from 17.5 to 38 kV, rated continuous current up to 630 A, rated short-time withstand current up to 12.5 kA, and lightning impulse (BIL) up to 170 kV are also available for CMR.

The type CMR offers a direct replacement for conventional, single-phase hydraulic reclosers, requiring just the replacement of the rechargeable battery pack, resulting in lower maintenance requirements. In-service reconfiguration and the download of the load profile and event log are made possible by wireless communications.

Reliable and reduced maintenance

All sites, even those with erratic or no line current, where the system voltage is less than 38 kV and the potential short-circuit level is less than 12.5 kA up to 27 kV or 6.3 kA at 38 kV are appropriate for the CMR auto-recloser. With four sequential operations and completely adjustable protection, this machine is the best option for temporarily removing faults on extended rural distribution lines.
The architecture of the system enables continuous operation for dependable service. The auto-recloser doesn’t require routine maintenance or inspection like hydraulic reclosers do.

Installing-CMR-compact-modular-recloser-onto-crossarm 4

This manual provides information on the configuration settings options for the Siemens Compact Modular
Recloser. Thoroughly read this manual before installing and operating your Siemens Compact Modular
The information contained herein is general in nature and not intended for specific application purposes. It
does not relieve the user of responsibility to use sound practices in application, installation, operation, and
maintenance of the equipment purchased. Only Qualified Personel who are familiar with this equipment
should install or operate it.


The Compact Modular Recloser ratings shown in table 1 conform to the requirements of IEC 62771-111
and IEEE Std C37.60 (2012).
The Compact Modular Recloser self powers from line voltage. The correctly rated model must be
purchased to match the system voltage for correct function, e.g. a 27kV rated Compact Modular Recloser
deployed on a 12kV network will not operate.

The following ratings are universal across all voltage models:

Switch unit parameters Unit 1,2

The Compact Modular Recloser is suitable for use in outdoor service environments as follows:

This version of the Compact Modular Recloser Configuration Manual is based on the following firmware and software versions:

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