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Fuse Saver Reclosing

Fuse Saver Reclosing

By virtually eliminating the impacts of faults on lateral lines, Fusesave helps utilities to increase network reliability while minimising operating costs of overhead MV networks.

The device’s remarkably tiny size and light weight allow for a simple installation and speedy commissioning. The circuit breaker, which runs independently on line current, can remove multiple phases of faults, both temporary and ongoing. With the use of a Remote Control Unit (RCU), the smart system’s wireless connectivity allows for remote access, and it is simple to incorporate into the SCADA network of utilities.

Minimizing the risk of wildfires

Due to changing climate conditions in the west, the idea of a fire season is quickly
becoming obsolete as the reality of year-round wildfire exposure continues to grow.
Trends in snowpack data show decreasing volume and earlier melting concurrent with
summer temperature rise – a combination that is exacerbating the potential for
wildfires across the region.
Verisk’s 2017 Wildfire Risk Analysis1 identified over 4.5 million U.S. residences at high
or extreme risk of experiencing a wildfire. According to reports from the National
Interagency Fire Center, 8.8 million acres were scorched by wildfires across 58,000+
individual incidents in 2018 alone. Not only are wildfires becoming more common, but
also more costly. Total potential exposure for single-family residences to wildfire
damage in California is greater than $240 billion.
Siemens has identified increasing wildfire risk as a megatrend that is a current and
future consideration in the design of communities across the world. Siemens aims to
enable electric power system owners with means to mitigate ignition risks, analyze and
respond to environmental hazards, and improve network monitoring and control for
proactive planning and response.

The Fusesaver conforms to the relevant sections of IEC 62271-100. Fusesaver is available in several models with different load current, fault current, and selfpowering from line-current capability as follows:
The Fusesaver is suitable for use in outdoor environments as follows:

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KMS-3153 SOS-DMC Admin User Authorisation Form V01:


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Wildfire mitigation Fusesaver CB_ CMR recloser_ and SDR recloser BRO:


Wildfire mitigation SDR recloser_ Fusesaver CB_ and CMR recloser eGuide:

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